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About Thai Massage

A Thai massage lasts between 1 and 2 hours .One hour is very beneficial, two hours is even better! The practitioner will use pressure to relax and heal the entire body.

This Pressure can range from very gentle, to very deep, firm pressure, as far as the client wishes to take it.

Sometimes the client may fall into a very relaxing sleep during the massage, and wake refreshed and with new energy.

The massage may be done with the palm of the hand, the thumb, the elbow, or the feet, depending on the depth of pressure required.

The practitioner moves in a highly skilled way, using their body weight rather than mere strength, enabling them to apply whatever pressure the client needs.

The massage is to the energy point on the body, thus releasing the trapped energy in your body, so that it may flow wherever it needs to heal you.

The practitioner also applies stretching movements to relax, energise and open up your body. These movements are not exercises; you remain passive while the stretches are done for you.

This is a highly enjoyable experience, which is very different from the hard work of stretching in an exercise class. The stretches will increase your flexibility and your body's tension. The bones and joints are never directly worked on as they are vulnerable and considered sacred in Thai massage.

The area around the bones is worked on instead. You must tell your practitioner of any serious injuries, conditions or illnesses which you have. They can then avoid any pressure, which might be harmful, and focus on areas that will help to heal you